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Penteadora SA

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A Penteadora is born in 1930 by the hands of priest Alfredo Marques Santos, who had the willing to improve the social and economic conditions of that small village, Unhais da Serra. He did it by creating a company intended to wash and to comb wool provided from the countless flocks of sheeps that grazed in that region.

Unhais da Serra, located in the center of Portugal at 680 meters of altitude, is part of the Portugal’s biggest mountain range with plenty of water. Textile industry and tourism are the big economical foundations of this region.

The company grew up a lot over the past 90 years, becoming a vertical company – working all the way from fiber to fabric – creating its own colors, yarns, fabrics and exclusive finishings that feature A Penteadora’s unique quality.

This 90 years’ activity experience combined with the technology that make A Penteadora to be recognized as one of the top companies in the Portuguese wool sector and one of the best European company producing worsted and carded fabrics.

Being located inside UNESCO classified zone as GLOBAL GEOPARK (Estrela UNESCO Global Geopark), our concern about the environmental impact from our industrial activity is reinforced.

In that way, the surrounds of A Penteadora are equipped with solar panels that provide an important share of energy used and also have its own WWTP (Wastewater Treatment Plant). Reusing water and steam, A Penteadora also manages water catchment together with local community and every packing material is separated and sent to be recycled.

We have launched the Re.Born program, where recently we obtained GRS (Global Recycled Standard) Certification. This program consists of recycling the wastes from our production and also remains from our collections.

A Penteadora SA is one of 3 companies from Grupo Paulo de Oliveira – Paulo de Oliveira SA; A Penteadora SA; and Tessimax SA.

Textile Types:

Wool, Cotton, Linen, Bamboo, Poly Viscose, Polyester, Flannel, Gabardine, Herringbone, Houndstooth, Ottoman, Seersucker, Whipcord, Worsted Wool, Recycled Polyester, Elastane, Rayon, Virgin wool, Labels, Knit, herringbone, Recycled Wool, Anti-Bacterial, hangtags

Textile End Use:

Outerwear, Technical, Waterproof, Standards, Recycled, Sustainable, Womenswear, Menswear