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Kotonteks Textile Industry was founded in 1994, having a long history in textiles for generations dating back to 1933. Being one of the main fancy fast fashion fabric suppliers and manufacturers of worldwide reputable chain stores, current capacity of Kotonteks is more than 10 million meters per year in yarn-dyed and plain dyed woven dobby and jacquard fabrics. Kotonteks has a production plant that is larger than 20.000 square metres in Bursa Demirtas Industrial Region using the last technology machinery. Being a vertical mill, Kotonteks Textile Industry’s fields of activity are yarn dyeing, fabric manufacturing and exports.

Kotonteks Textile Industry is specialized in yarn-dyed and plain-dyed woven dobby and jacquard fabrics. Produced fabric qualities are made up of mostly cotton, viscose, micro filament polyester, linen, polyamide, metalized fibres, stretch elastane yarns and their blends. Kotonteks also uses sustainable and organic cotton, recycled polyester and sustainable viscose fibers in its products.

Following data driven approach, Kotonteks uses ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platforms that collect manufacturing and sales metrics to be able to keep track of the marketing and production processes. This allows Kotonteks to present metrics with transparency to its clients that value sustainable and ethical production standards. That way, Kotonteks differentiates itself with the edge that it gains by the effective use of data in our production and sales activities.

Textile Types:

Cotton, Linen, Tafetta, Polyester, Nylon, Jacquard, Organza, Spandex, Twill, Viscose, Bengaline, Chambray, Flannel, Gabardine, Ottoman, Oxford, Poplin, Sateen, Seersucker, Recycled Polyester, Elastane, Rayon, Print Design, Weave, Linen/Cotton, Linen/Rayon

Textile End Use:

Shirting, Organic, Recycled, Sustainable, Womenswear, Print Studios

Production Capabilities

 Lead times, Minimum Quantities & Samples

-Minimum quantity for bulk orders is 1000m, but we also accept  small quantities starting from 300m per order & colour with a reasonable surcharge.

-Delivery time is 4-5 weeks where it can be sometimes a bit shorter or longer depending on quantity and the applied process.

-We keep sample coupons from most of our fabrics for urgent sample requests. When not available, we have almost the best flexible sample production line to produce between 3 to 50m  in about 1-2 weeks.