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Jones Buttons

United Kingdom
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Jones Buttons are Britain’s leading trade supplier of buttons. Based in Nottingham, Jones stock over 50 million buttons, from polyester and metal to naturally sourced shell and wood varieties. They have in-house dyeing facilities and test buttons either in their own laboratory or through outside testing. Jones provides a personal yet professional service by working closely with their customers to achieve business ambitions as well as providing the knowledge to help in an ever evolving, fast paced marketplace.

Textile Types:

Buttons, Zips

Textile End Use:

Shirting, Outerwear, Activewear, Sportswear, Lingerie, Swimwear, Loungewear, Performance, Dress Wear, Recycled, Sustainable, Ethical, Womenswear, Menswear, Accessories

What Company Offers

What Company Offers

Production Capabilities

We work with around 50 separate Factories producing buttons around the world. Close bonds with many of these, developed over the decades, mean they understand our requirements for quality. Every year we assess each and every one of them within the scope of our ISO9001 certification. We advise and let them know of how we rate them and remind them of all the standards we expect of them and they have to confirm they comply.

There are many different materials used for the manufacture of buttons and some factories specialise in maybe just one type whilst others make from several. We decide who is the best in terms of quality, speed of manufacture and cost and decide which factories are best for our specific requirements. We still maintain a high stock level of buttons in our ranges enabling rapid turnaround of these products. The production capacities of our sources are huge and amount to multi millions of buttons per week.

We have probably the best Button Dyehouse in the World which has three each of three sizes of dyeing machines where we operate a procedure we call “dyeing to extraction” which improves colour fastness. This takes longer per batch, but with potentially 9 machines working at once, still enables us to dye huge volume. For example one batch of 16 ligne buttons in our 20 kilo machine could be 100,000 pieces.

We have a set up producing buttons covered in customers’ fabrics.

We offer a limited range of elastics and tapes and have been working with and distributing YKK zips in the UK for over 50 years.