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Hausammann and Moos1811

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Price Range(€): 8 - 50
Min Qty(m): 1

The company put down its roots in 1811, when the first factory was built in Weisslingen.

It was a spinning mill until 1866, when Kaspar Moos-Junker took over the company, introducing the mechanical weaving. Some years later, he also introduced a dyeing machinery system. This was one of the most significant steps in the history of Hausammann+Moos 1811, since it made possible the whole internal production of high-quality piece-dyed fabrics, directly monitoring all the production processes.

After some years of difficulty, but of hard work, it merged with Hausammann Textil AG Winterthur, a company founded in 1911 – that’s how Hausammann+Moos was born.

In 2015 it was acquired by Canclini Tessile S.p.A., an Italian company founded in 1925 and known worldwide for its men-shirting fabric quality, becoming therefore Hausammann+Moos 1811 Textile AG.

The synergy between the two brands and the union of their know-how have allowed the Swiss company to expand its fabric offer with yarn-dyed items.

Textile Types:

Cotton, Linen, Satin, Jersey, Jacquard, Crepe, Georgette, Cashmere, Organza, Toile, Twill, Chambray, Gabardine, Oxford, Pigue, Plisse, Poplin, Rep, Sateen, Elastane, Print Design

Textile End Use:

Shirting, Outerwear, Organic, Sustainable, Womenswear, Menswear

Production Capabilities

Hausammann+Moos 1811 Textile AG, an historic Swiss company, has been offering high quality fabrics for suits, trousers, shirts and dresses for more than two centuries.

Its valuable know-how passed down from generation to generation, the growing investment in technology and machinery, the smart ability to chase not only the historical changes, but also the ones inside the market have made this company a global leader in creating and producing luxury fabrics.

The collection includes several types of yarns, knitting and manufacturing in order to satisfy the widest market segment possible, both for men and for women, by keeping the focus on the key values this company believes in: quality, reliability and costumer relationship.