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Harris Tweed Hebrides

United Kingdom
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Price Range(€): 30 - 32
Min Qty(m): 50

Harris Tweed Hebrides, based in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, manufactures each metre of its handwoven fabric in accordance with The Harris Tweed Act 1993, maintaining the integrity and distinctive character of the fabric recognised globally as Harris Tweed®.

Produced using traditional artisan skills and always made from 100% pure new wool. Fibre dyeing at the raw wool stage provides an unrivalled depth of colour. The company works with over 120 home weavers based throughout the Isle of Lewis and Harris, providing sustainable rural employment to home weavers who live in the most remote communities on the islands.

Textile Types:

Wool, Tweed, Herringbone, Houndstooth, Tartan, Virgin wool, Weave, herringbone

Textile End Use:

Outerwear, Dress Wear, Sustainable, Womenswear, Menswear, Home, Accessories

What Company Offers

What Company Offers

Production Capabilities


Harris Tweed begins by fibre-dying the finest Scottish Cheviot wool to create over 50 solid wool colours that imbue the finished fabric with its renowned depth and intensity of colour. This gives us freedom to create infinite yarn colours and weave combinations. Blending solid colours to achieve a unique mix for each and every Harris Tweed Hebrides yarn shade. Strikingly rich tones and blends recognised the world over.

Nothing is left to chance. Our blenders follow our unique yarn recipes to ensure they mix just the right proportion of each solid colour through the teaser. Some Harris Tweed Hebrides yarn shades are a combination of eight solid wool colours, skillfully blended together to create one shade, with a depth of colour that’s unsurpassed. Our highly-skilled team then measure and record the precise ingredients for every yarn blend to ensure quality and colour consistency time after time.

The blended wool is then carded; fed through metal toothed rollers, which gently tease and mix each individual fibre, creating delicate, soft slivers of neatly carded wool. Before we can begin weaving we need to strengthen the carded wool by adding a gentle mechanical twist; spinning each individual sliver to create our unique woollen yarn and make it strong enough to work with.

The building blocks of a truly iconic fabric. Its provenance at once an inspiration and a source of respect the world over.
Endless as nature itself in its potential for colour and design. Bound to the people of the Outer Hebrides – the skilled craftsmen and women at the Shawbost Mill.

The hand-weavers who meticulously weave each and every metre of tweed in their croft homes dotted across the island of Lewis and Harris. At one with the elements shaping its source. It takes a deft touch to handle over 1,400 individual warp threads across the width of each piece of Harris Tweed. Meticulously warping each thread one by one in a regimented order. Winding the warp onto beams ready to deliver to the hand-weavers’ crofts.

The weavers who hand-weave Harris Tweed use treadle looms in their croft homes – a centuries-old, quality-defining tradition that still resonates the world over. It’s a hands-on labour of love, creating the patterns from warp and weft yarn bringing Harris Tweed to life.

Once woven, the tweed returns to our Shawbost Mill for wet finishing. Scouring and milling the tweed before it is carefully dried through the stenter; then cropped and air-blown to a perfect, flawless finish.

The Harris Tweed Authority’s Orb certification mark is the ultimate seal of authentication on all Harris Tweed Hebrides fabric. A beeswax seal, hand applied to each individual piece of Harris Tweed. The mark of quality and renown worldwide. Only then can our cloth be called Harris Tweed. And only then can it become the fabric of fashion.