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Price Range(€): 2.5 - 6
Min Qty(m): 500

Our company which was founded in Karahalli, Usak in 1940 by Mehmet ER continues its production, which was started with hand loom, in Bursa as ERSAT Textile Industry and Trade Limited Company since 1993.

Ersat Textile is one of Turkey’s leading companies in fabric production with its modern facilities located on 40.000 m2 production site in Bursa Kestel Industrial Zone producing approximately 12 million meters of male and female outwear and worker clothes. Ersat Textile takes firm steps forward the future in the light of 78 years of experience and knowledge constantly improving in the direction of cutting-edge technology machine parks and new technological advancements.

Ersat Textile produces with refining and recycling sistems as a member of Green Environment Cooperative cognizant of its care and responsibility about environment and nature.

In addition to being a well-known and reliable company in the country, Ersat Textile has also international trading collaborations for years. Ersat Textile commercializes 50% of its production to domestic markets and 50% to oversees markets.

Textile Types:

Poly Viscose, Satin, Polyester, Twill, Boucle, Flannel, Herringbone, Recycled Polyester, Weave

Textile End Use:

Outerwear, Dress Wear, Recycled, Womenswear, Menswear