Please be advised that this is a Directory for aid to sourcing of textiles and this is not The London Textile Fair Exhibitors' List

Kelley Tu

Kelley Tu was founded in January 2000 and originally specialised in representing suppliers of trims and accessories including buttons, labels, embroidered badges etc. In 2003 linings were added with the agency of Gianni Crespi, a fourth generation Italian linings producer that weaves everything in their collection in the mill in Villa Cortese, near Varese and never buys in griege from other manufacturers for finishing. Under the guidance of the current CEO, Marco Crespi, this dedication to service and quality has seen the mill to be the first certified under the Burberry "Project 2020" initiative and, from there, GRS certification for the mill and the decision to only use certifiably sustainable yarns.

Recent years have seen the addition of two Turkish textile mills, HMK and Kazarolu (both of whom are strong in sustainability) which, along with the original offerings of trims and accessories, makes Kelley Tu an agency offering a wide supply base.

Mills and factories represented are:

Gianni Crespi Foderami (linings), HMK Textile (viscose, cotton/vicose, poly/viscose etc.),

Kazarolu Tekstil (wool/polyester/viscose/cotton blends for outer wear),

Ricamaficio Aschei (Labels and embroidered badges). FM Buttons (specialising in recycled materials with good stock service).

Berning Smart Fastners, jeans buttons, rivets, studs and metal trim.

Also I have ad hoc consultancy arrangements with suppliers of other trims and accessories that, for varying reasons, do not want a full agency arrangement.

The moto here is "Ask, because if we cannot supply it, we will do our best to help you find the people who can"

Textile Mills Represented